We have a decided penchant for anything Edwardian or Victorian.  We love summer straw boaters and any Edwardian hats dripping ribbons and feathers. So it logically follows that we offer for sale a selection of Victorian and Edwardian accessories and clothing.  In the shop at the moment, the mannequin sports a summer boater and wears a beautiful Edwardian linen walking skirt with a matching linen jacket.  Pinned to the mannequin’s lapel is an antique bicycle plate that reads “Emma.”  The basket at her feet contains a bouquet of violets, books on old-fashioned rambles about Britain and how to identify British wildflowers.  Over her head, flash cards spell out the word “Ramble.”  We hope that our customers will begin to dream of long, delicious walks about the countryside.  Leaning against her shoulder is an antique shepherd’s crook from a local school May Day pageant to help her on her walk.  We encourage customers to examine the items of clothing that we have displayed about the shop and listen to the stories they have to tell.
One afternoon, we were examining an old taffeta bodice from the 1880’s.  We looked at it from the inside, counting bones, and looking for other construction techniques for dating purposes, when we discovered a small muslin square.  We rechecked the outside of the bodice and realized that we had found an old watch pocket.  A woman’s watch had left a small circle mark on the fabric.  The old watch pocket “sang” to us across the years.  The circle on this fabric seemed the perfect tangible symbol for change wrought through time’s passage.  We love to see how these seemingly mute objects give voice over the centuries to the women who wore them.
Besides women’s clothing and accessories, we feature children’s antique items or what we refer to as “Trundle Bed Wear”--- antique slippers, quilted robes, nightgowns, primers, tintypes, tea sets and doll’s accessories. 
We carry many other antiques from kitchen items (irons, tin ware, wash tubs, rolling pins) to china (tea pots, tea cups, cake plates) to textiles and linens (quilts, tea towels, pillow toppers, aprons).  We also offer a selection of our favorite books (gardening, Louisa May Alcott, cookbooks). 
We hope that you get a chance to visit us soon.  Perhaps you might stop by on one of your rambles about the New England countryside.  You might just find robins in the trundle bed...

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