For the past ten years, Sherrill has written and together we have performed a series of children’s stories for local schools and historical societies. As Sheila performs the stories, Sherrill involves audience members, curating with antiques from the shop. She calls children and the young-at-heart up to the stage area where they don antique hats, dresses, and gloves, becoming the characters in the story. The stories teach lessons about history and the importance of community. A number of the stories deal with the value of intergenerational learning where elders and children learn important life lessons from each other. The story time projects combine our love of writing, acting, antiques and service to the community.

Each summer, in August, we perform in the sunken garden at the Narragansett Historical Society, down the street from Country Mischief Plus. One of the stories we have presented in the garden, entitled “Elizabeth’s Quilt” is set in 1910. The story details Abby and Sara’s search for the perfect wedding gift for their teacher, who much to their dismay will not be returning to their classroom for the next term. In their search, these two best friends discover not only the perfect gift, but discover the meaning of true friendship and what it entails to be a member of a community. Audience participants wore Abby’s calico apron and carried Sara’s sun parasol. As the reading aloud progressed the audience became the cast of characters. The audience sipped chamomile tea from antique tea cups, smelled samples of mint, hyssop and tansy, while they munched on peppermint stick candy handed out from Sara’s paper sack. After the performance, Sheila encouraged participants to enter the historical society’s museum and treasure hunt for items that were part of the story. The children were enchanted when they found Sara’s friend Mrs. Flander’s spinning wheel, her milking stool, and a room that was set up just like Mr. Taylor’s mercantile.

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